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Sustainability Statement

Since our inception over 30 years ago, Medialink have been providing business solutions in the financial industry with respect to our environment and our community.

We pride ourselves as a good working partner with all our customers, we strive to reduce and to eliminate impact on our environment. We recycle and reuse wherever possible.

When viable and acceptable to our customers, we incorporate recycled and recyclable materials or minimally environmentally friendly or FSC™ certified paper into our finished products.

We have a commitment to our customer, ourselves and world community to promote responsibility in all policies and practices of our business. Our supply chains are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact and maximizing employee safety while maintaining superior quality and craftsmanship in all products or solutions we produce.

Constant communication with our employees as well as our manufacturing partners continually educate all personnel on the importance of sustainability practices. A keen focus is given on taking steps to minimize carbon emissions waste stream pollutants and non recyclable content within our control.

Social and environmental responsibility are of primary importance to all of us at Medialink with a clear goal of contributing to a more sustainable world.

Finally, all of us at Medialink are fully committed to the health and individual personal development of our employees. Health and safety standards are strictly followed internally and required of all our manufacturing facilities.

Willy Lee

Managing Director

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