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Our Subsidiary

Medialink, together with our subsidiary, strives to be a total solutions provider for businesses.
As a group, we share the common values and passion to meet our customers' needs.



In a world where technology waits for no man, the only way forward is to think fast, think ahead and think differently in digital solutions, customer engagement and project delivery approach.


CrimsonWorks was founded in 2002, joining the Medialink group three years later. They pride themselves on being an industry pioneer that has evolved along with the digital metamorphosis, leveraging the experience and the trust gathered over the years, to help even more businesses progress digitally.


As an industry pioneer, they have the depth and breadth of experience beneficial to both big and small companies looking to embark on a digital transformation.

CrimsonWorks offers an entire stack of Salesforce solutions to help organizations streamline as well as digitize manual processes that include sales, onboarding, leads management, and more. The company also integrates these processes with proper governance, which is crucial for organizations, and in turn, allows clients to re-imagine their businesses with modern technology.


Let CrimsonWorks take you on this journey to re-imagine the future of your business, and realise your next level of success.

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