Business Assurance

Your link to business assurance

Secure File Transmission Protocol (SFTP)

Automate and simplify your file transfer process to Medialink by utilising our Secure File Transfer Protocol portal. Our system allows for two file transfer methods:

  • FTP via SSL
  • Web Browser via HTTPS

3-Factor Authentication

Your information remains safe with our authentication options:

  • IP Address restriction
  • SSL key exchange
  • Use of complex passwords via 2FA

Information Security Management System (ISMS 27001:2013)

​Medialink is committed to conform to all the requirements of the audit standard set by MAS Technology Risk Management Guidelines. With ISMS, we ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements.​

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC COC-000015)

Medialink shares the vision of the FSC to promote environmentally-appropriate, socially-beneficial, economically-prosperous management of the world’s forests to provide for the ecological needs of present and future generations.

Business Continuity Management (BCM 22301:2012)

​Medialink understands the importance of providing peace of mind for our customers and business partners while executing projects. In line with our commitment to Business Continuity Management, we have set up alternative host sites to support our operations in the event of any disruption to our primary site.

OSPAR Certified


Medialink is proud to be OSPAR ready.

The Outsourced Service Providers Audit Report (OSPAR) is an initiative by the Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) to mitigate the risks of data breach. Poor handling of clients’ personal information can be detrimental to any financial institution’s reputation. ABS has made it compulsory for financial institutions in Singapore to have their outsourced service providers (OSP) audited by an external auditor.

This sets us apart as a trusted organisation especially for the banking industry, as we are certified a credible outsourced service provider. This provides assurance to financial institutions that as an OSPAR-certified organisation, we are able to maintain an equivalent level of governance, rigour and processes as financial services are required to adhere to by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.