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Corporate Social Responsibility
We strive towards responsible, ethical and professional business practices in all our operations.

We recognise that our responsibility as a corporate entity is to operate our business in a manner that contributes to a healthy, natural environment and the sustainable development of society.

The Environment

Medialink recognises that the printing industry has a massive impact on the environment. We ensure that our practices are in harmony with the environment and we actively seek to minimise the environmental impact of our business operations. With this in mind, we work according to the FSC Chain of Custody procedures, which sets the standard for how the world’s forests are managed and maintained. We are also committed to making continuous improvements in pollution prevention and the management of our environmental impact as set out in our Environmental Policy. Over the years, we have acquired several environmentally-responsible printing technologies to give our customers the assurance that their collaterals are produced in a sustainable manner. 


Sustainable options available to our clients:

Printing Materials

  • Utilising soy-based ink 

    • We can utilise soy-based ink instead of petroleum-based ink as it is more environmentally friendly and provides greater colour accuracy during printing. They make paper easier to recycle as well.


Sustainable printing effects 

  • Die-cutting 

  • Embossing 

  • Hot stamping 


We have also put in place a weekly plant-wide recycling exercise to manage and properly dispose of waste paper. This ensures all unused paper or paper-based materials will be diligently recycled at the end of the week. In the disposal of these materials, our staff are also trained to destroy any confidential client information. 


The Community

Medialink aims to be recognised as an organisation that is ethical in all areas as well as one that makes a positive contribution to the community. We strive to contribute to the development of culture, the arts and enrichment of society. We honour the culture, customs, history and laws of the countries where we work. We endeavour to engage the community through various sponsorship and charity activities. We encourage and assist our employees to become involved in team or individual projects in support of the wider community.

Charity Sponsorships​

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