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  • Project Management Services
    If you’re looking to outsource a project, Medialink can take care of the entire process for you from start to finish. Outsource your projects to us to ease your manpower constraints and also to enjoy greater peace of mind. Our expertise and professionalism are supported by our in-house resources, enabling us to offer you everything you need under one roof.
  • Letter Shopping
    With Medialink as your partner, you save time, money and effort when it comes to getting your direct mailer to your audience. Our mail fulfilment service helps you manage the many steps involved, sending your material to their destination efficiently and on time. We have the capacity to manage multi-piece, multi-department series of projects, and organise and package them seamlessly into the finished product. We can also deliver your final product safely to any location or locations, locally or globally. Plus, we offer storage of your printed items (eg. letterheads) and also order replenishments of your materials quickly and painlessly via our online platform. Our goal is to help you consolidate your resources and meet your budget while maintaining the highest level of quality and service.
  • Directlink / Directlink Plus
    Direct Mailer Management Platforms Directlink An online portal that is optimized for seamless creation and dissemination of direct mailers (DMs) and electronic direct mailers (eDMs). Your customer data can be efficiently and securely uploaded onto our Directlink’s portal for faster deployment of your mailers. Various templates and layouts, bearing your desired messages and branding are also available for immediate merging with your uploaded customer database. Directlink completes the supply chain via its in-house letter shopping capability. Analytics reports can also be generated. Directlink Plus Directlink Plus offers all the features of Directlink, plus the ability to personalise your DMs or eDMs. Your customer’s details, selected content and even your sales representatives’ photos can be included. Directlink Plus also allows for generation of analytics reports.
  • Premium Packaging
    ​Successful brand awareness includes strong brand recognition and brand recollection. With Medialink ’s creative team and our advanced print and pack solutions, we are able to produce premium quality packaging that suits your business requirements.
  • Quicklink
    Online Collaterals Management Platform Medialink’s proprietary online platform gives you 24/7 access to customisable stationery and marketing collaterals. With just a click of a button, you can order name cards, premiums and other items, customised with your company’s unique branding. Purchase orders and order confirmation are produced instantly. Our system is also able to produce reports and analyse purchase patterns to help you better plan your marketing campaigns.
  • Event Management
    A well-planned and well-executed event or exhibition can mean greater market presence and brand awareness for your business. At Medialink, we can help you execute your events, with our full suite of services, from conceptualisation and design and fabrication of booths to location set-up, including installation and dismantling, even recruiting manpower to help support the event. Additionally, we also offer creative design of collaterals and premiums and further consultation services to meet whatever event needs you have.
  • Corporate Gift Sourcing
    Often, we are approached by customers to source for corporate gifts to meet with their unique gifting requirements. Working with our subsidiary company, MediaGift, we are happy to offer this value-added service as it strengthens our business relationship with our customers and extends our solutions offered for their campaign. With our extensive network of partners, we are able to provide gifting solutions to suit various budgets.
  • Creative Design
    ​For your design needs, we have an in-house creative team that is ready to support your business needs. We pair industry knowledge with creative thinking to produce innovative solutions and products.
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