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Plan early with us for more impactful CNY giveaway

Preparing stunning and impressive CNY collaterals requires ample time to meticulously work through the details of the design, production and ensure quality control. It is never too early to start planning for your company’s Chinese New Year collaterals.

Extensive range of creative gifting solutions for all occasions

Medialink’s printing expertise paired with our creative and digital solutions are the secret ingredients to create your best CNY collection yet!

Quicklink – Online Ordering Management Platform

For organisations with a dense network of offices, collating CNY orders or marketing collaterals can be tiresome. Medialink’s Quicklink platform relieves you of tedious coordination and helps you to efficiently manage orders from multiple departments and locations. It also ensures greater accuracy and accountability for the orders.

If you have a vision for the collection, you can call on us to discuss and we will help you fulfil it.

At Medialink, we are always at hand to help you actualise your business and marketing goals.

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